2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey

All good businesses value their customers opinions, here at Aqua Seals we are no different. In 2017 we asked our customers what they thought of Aqua Seals Swim School. On this page we list the questions we asked, the feedback we received and a summary of the survey.

Question 1. How Satisfied are you with Aqua Seals Swim School?

  • Very satisfied                                    74.2%
  • Satisfied                                            25%
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied   0.8%
  • Somewhat dissatisfied                    0%
  • Very dissatisfied                              0%

99.2% of our surveyed customer were either Very satisfied or satisfied with Aqua Seals Swim School.

Question 2. How did you hear about Aqua Seals Swim School?

  • Word of mouth                                 61.6% 
  • Online search engine                      33.6%
  • Other                                                 8.8%

Over 61% of our surveyed customers came to us by word of mouth.  This is great to hear. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

Question 3. How long have you been with Aqua Seals?

  • New this term                                  13.6%
  • 3-6 months                                       6.4%
  • 6-12 months                                    18.4%
  • 1-2 years                                          25.6%
  • Over 2 years                                    40%

Over 90% of our surveyed customers are repeat customer. That means when they have experienced our swimming lessons they are happy to come back time and time again.

Question 4. How would you rate the value for money of our swimming lessons?

  • Excellent                                          40%       
  • Above average                                40%
  • Average                                            20%
  • Below average                                 0%
  • Poor                                                  0%

80% of our surveyed customers thought that our swimming lessons were either excellent or above average value for money. Interestingly, no one thought our swimming lessons were below average or poor value for money.

Question 5. How responsive have Aqua Seal been when replying to customers queries?

  • Extreamely responsive                   48%         
  • Very responsive                              33.6%
  • Moderately responsive                   2.4%
  • Not so responsive                           0%
  • Not applicable                                 17.6%

81.6% of our surveyed customers thought we were either extreamly or very responsive to our customers queries. We strive to answer all queries within 24 hours (week days).

Question 6. How do you rate the swimming assistants in the water?

  • Very good                                         78%
  • Good                                                 21%
  • Average                                            2.4%
  • Below Average                                0%

Aqua Seals employ swimming assistants in the water. This encourages beginers to learn to swim quicker when they have an older presence in the water to reassure and motivate them. All our assistants are evaluated on a regular basis by the senior tutors to ensure they are as reassuring and motivational to our children.

Question 7. How likley are you ro renew your swimming lessons next term?

  • Extreamely likely                            73.6%
  • Very likely                                       21.6%
  • Somewhat likely                             4.8%
  • Nots so likely                                  0%

95.2% of our surveyed customers were either extreamley or very likely to renew for the next term.  This is great to hear.  All the hard work put in developing our tutors and assistants in the water pays off. Providing a great service and a fun and safe environment for all our children.

Question 8. How do you rate your childs' swimming teacher?

  • Very good                                         74%
  • Good                                                 23.4%
  • Average                                            2.3%
  • Below Average                                0%

Over 97% of our surveyed customers though their childs' swimming teacher was either very good or good.  Another great result.  We take pride in our business and the level of service we offer.

Question 9. Are you happy with your childs' progression?

  • Very happy                                      53%
  • happy                                              37%
  • Neither happy or unhappy            10%
  • Not happy                                        0%

90% of our surveyed customers though their childs' progression was either very happy or happy. Another good result for Aqua Seals but small room for improvement on that 10%.   



The vast majority of our customers are repeat business, or from great word of mouth from existing customers. The results of the survey lead us to believe we are providing a great environment for their children and a good value service for the parents.  We have been teaching children to swim in the Stockport area for the last 20 years. Infact, a lot of our teachers and assistants originally learned to swim with us.

"We are always looking to our customers to tell us what we are doing well and what we could be doing better. Thats how we get better and better!" Lorna Ryan, Owner